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When Corey Maxwell told us about his vision to open the first fast-casual, all-vegan restaurant in Montana, we immediately saw the potential in his brand and started strategizing the best way to begin creating an engaged community of followers, as well as a buzzing local audience.

Farmacy approached us in December of 2019 with a little over 400 followers on Instagram and Facebook. With strong branding in the bag, their immediate goals were to establish cohesive and creative content to instantly captivate a local audience, as well as quickly transform and grow their current social media channels.

With this goal in mind, we took over their account in January 2020 and ran with it. Over the course of 12-months, we implemented a marketing strategy, designed fresh content, and used digital advertising, to successfully grow their Instagram account by over 2000 followers, as well as maintained an average of 8% engagement rate, and on average, reached over 80k accounts per month. With Facebook, we were able to grow Farmacy to over 1,150 followers, maintain a 5% post engagement rate, and reach over 60k accounts per month.

Once the pandemic began, Farmacy quickly needed to find a way to deliver their product efficiently during lockdown. Our team was able to develop a website and establish an online ordering system and app in partnership with ChowNow in a little under 2 months. Over the following 8 months, we were able to grow their average monthly online sales by 100% month over month, as well as generate over 2,900 orders to date.

After establishing a hyper-engaged local audience, as well as a loyalty program of over 3000 members, we began to implement a monthly email marketing campaign for Farmacy. In 3 months, we've achieved an average 30% open rate, and $1000 in attributed monthly sales.

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“Liz and Beau have done an all-around stellar job with our branding, content design, and social media management. They take the care and attention to fully understand your vision and then run with it.”

Jeff Smith
General Manager, Jeff Smith

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