Top 5 Programs We Can't Live Without

Imagine, for a second, that you're working on a creative team that tracks projects through spreadsheets, communicates through all-day conference calls, and (gasp) has to think up and edit social media posts on the fly.

In the year 2021? No thanks, we'll pass.

As a remote team, we wouldn't be able to function, let alone create the level of content we do, without the help of a few of our favorite apps and programs.

So let's get down to the nitty-gritty. Here are the top 5 programs that our creative team at Haus can't live without:

Capture One

CaptureOne is our BFF(F) and inevitably leads the pack when it comes to our photography workflow, but there's more to love about it than its editing capabilities. It has so many features that make our lives a lot easier.

Capture One is easily the industry leader in tethered-capture workflow. The process is fast and straightforward and provides tons of advantages in organization, adjustments, and even live view.

Live view is HANDS DOWN the ultimate tool for still-life and commercial product photographers. It allows us to see the shot in the exact frame and aspect ratio we want in real-time as we set it up. It's a huge time saver when it comes to basic and intricate shots alike.

It also links incredibly with Photoshop, meaning you can edit a file in CaptureOne, open it as a PSD in Photoshop for anything outside the scope of Capture One, and then send that file back to Capture One (layers intact) to edit further if needed. CaptureOne allows you to work efficiently, no matter what your process may be.


Communication is vital, and effective communication can make or break a remote team (no matter how big or small that team may be.) Slack is one of the most hassle-free ways of communicating, which means no more conference calls or back and forth emails!

Think of Slack as an old-school chatroom, but for work (it's a vibe FR). You can send quick messages, tag team members, respond with emojis, even go offline when your workday is over, making sure no notification goes unnotified. Slick huh?

Creating channels on Slack is the number one way we keep the conversation focused on one topic, and it's all in one place! For example, we have a channel for each of our clients to share important notes, updates, and curated content. is our go-to program for project management. It focuses on processes, meaning that it's as fluid as actually working on projects.

We use it to manage everything from our clients' content calendars to in-house team projects.

Rather than being text-based, like most project management platforms, is super visual and every designer's dream. So, instead of digging around to find what projects you're in charge of and what priority level they're at, you can see it all laid out in front of you in your workspace, all of which is completely customizable. Plus, you can easily update your team on a project's status, track your time spent, and manage multiple additional tasks all in one convenient location. Plus, you can easily update your team on a project's status, track your time spent, and manage multiple additional tasks all in one convenient location.


The best social media scheduling platform out there. It integrates seamlessly with Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest to allow you to schedule posts and stories in advance. We've been going steady with Later for years now, and it's safe to say that things are getting pretty serious. 

Its drag and drop interface and handy calendar and feed views make coordinating posts for multiple accounts a breeze because no one likes an IG feed that's aesthetically all over the place, right?

We also love it for its media library, where you can stockpile photos and videos to use later (get it?) Additionally, you can now collect media through hashtag and profile searching, as well as bring in stock images directly, if that's your thing. Last but not least, if you need an analytics breakdown for any of your accounts, Later has you covered there too. 


Lightroom is our ultimate post-production companion. With this handy tool, you can edit, store, and manage your photos in one spot. Unlike other photo editing software, Adobe Lightroom uses constructive editing. It doesn't edit original images. Instead, it imports a copy you can edit and later export as a different file.

And then there are the HSL Sliders. What do these three little magnificent letters stand for? Hue-Saturation-Luminance. What makes the HSL panel so powerful is that it allows you to control different colors independently. HSL adjustments will let you brighten or emphasize specific saturations and control the hue of only certain colors. HSL is a LIFESAVER!

Best of all, with Lightroom, you can successfully have a working catalog on a different computer when you are on a shooting trip and merge the images and metadata into your master catalog once you are back to your primary computer.

Adobe is really running the show right now, and we're here for it.

As a company operating primarily in the digital space, it's no surprise that some of our best work comes from working with these programs. When we say we can't live without them, we mean it.

If you aren't on the hype train yet, give them a try and see the results for yourself. Your team will thank you.