The Journey of Haus

Welcome to the Haus Blog

That's right. We're breaking into the blog game. If you've made it this far, you probably already know that we're not your average social media agency. We're a creative powerhouse located in Bozeman, Montana.

But in case you're new here, let us bring you up to speed.

At Haus, we specialize in content creation, product photography, across the board social media management, digital advertising, and so much more.

Our goal is to get brands of all sizes moving at the pace of today's social culture by combining top-notch storytelling and unique and creative content creation.

But things didn't start out this way...

Our past, present, and future

It all began after a few beers and a long list of brand names when we decided to start a creative agency under the name of "Weisinger + Asche."

"It's super catchy," we thought to ourselves. Some of the world's most excellent design and ad agencies are two last names (Sagmeister + Walsh, Weiden + Kennedy - to name a few) - imposter syndrome much? lol.

So we started an Instagram account and began creating more art-directed design. We thought we were onto something great -- truth be told, it was more of a pipe dream. We had no business plan established, no marketing goals, no clientele, pretty much nothing besides the Instagram account. To make it even better, we didn't want to tell anyone about it because we really weren't 100% on what we were doing.

It was back to the drawing board at that point, we thought as we re-directed, dumped the whole Weisinger + Asche BS, and moved to create a lifestyle brand.

This "Lifestyle brand" was going to be everything we wanted to do. From clothing to logo and brand design to website development and everything in between, we were determined to be the go-to lifestyle agency for everything any company in or out of state would need.

So, we went back to our list of names. Because we were still working out of our house at the time, we knew we wanted to incorporate "house" into some part of the name.

Back in school, we learned about the Bauhaus Movement, one of the most influential modernist art schools in the 20th century. The movement sought to blend many artistic directions and had significant impacts in Europe and the US. We were very drawn to the design style and principles taught within that school, and finally had our AHA-moment.

So, it was decided. Haus of Originals was born (circa 2016) and officially opened for business in February of 2017.

Over the months and years, our plans and directions changed. We went from designing logos one day to screen printing and hosting local pop-up shops the other. Don't get us wrong, we were having a lot of fun, but we were all over the place. We were the jack of all trades, and it was killing us in more ways than one - because you see, when you try to do it all, it's hard to market yourself to one particular audience and to be known as experts in that one field. So again, we went back to the drawing board...

From our experience designing marketing campaigns for companies looking to use direct mail, we decided to start a local shopping guide, sent to over 36,000 addresses for free, once a month. This time, we had a full-fledged 10-page business plan, had done our competitive research analysis, and both quit our side jobs -- it was all or nothing at this point.

Have you ever watched Shark Tank? Well, if you're familiar, you know that Mark Cuban loves to ask the people pitching if they have jobs on the side... We now know why.

To say that your focus narrows down vastly when you're only income is from one source, that source being your own business, was an eye-opener, to say the least. Unfortunately, as much as we planned for it, the cost of printing was killing us financially. We were (for the most part) crushing it, but we also knew we were barely surviving. In February of 2020, we officially closed our doors with the Gallatin Shopping Guide (talk about great pandemic timing) and went back to Haus of Originals' roots.

At this time, we had a lot more contacts under our belt, created some amazing relationships, and a lot more business experience. After running social media accounts and Facebook ads for different businesses on the side, we made our final pivot in our company to a social media and digital marketing agency. We saw a huge need for a trusted, local digital marketer that specialized in social media.

Haus of Originals made an official comeback while helping our clients during the pandemic stay relevant and in clear view during one of the most significant national pandemics and economic shut-downs of our lifetime.

Now you're caught up

We've used the past year to finely tune and cater our skills to continue helping local businesses thrive in the vast jungle of social media marketing. With each photo shoot, we've gotten better with our vision of capturing products and creating content worthy of a stop and save on Instagram or a re-share on Facebook.

We are experts in our field on a local level but know there is far more room for us to grow and continue to learn as our company expands.

To say we have big plans for the future is an understatement. We've never been the ones to kiss and tell, so we'll leave a few cards here and call it good.

We will be the most recognized Content creation and social media agency in Montana. We have plans to purchase property to help inspire photographers across the state and traveling from abroad, and we do plan on only going up from here. That's just phase 1.

For now, we're a (mostly) remote team firing on all cylinders to create uniquely dangerous content that fits our client's needs. We've got the skills, the experience, AND the knowledge. And that, friends, is a recipe for success.

What to Expect From Our Blog

Think of us as your person on the inside.

On the Haus of Originals Blog, we'll dish out the latest industry news, equip you (yes, you) with valuable tools, and show off some behind-the-scenes looks at our creative process on some of our fav projects.

We've got some fun and fascinating stuff coming that you're definitely not going to want to miss! So come along with us on this journey. It's sure to be a wild ride.